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Inspiration - Use of glass

Glass is an ageless material with great potential. Thanks to its aesthetic and technical parameters, it has unlimited use in most areas, whether it is glass for industry, exterior or interior use.

Glass currently performs two main functions, aesthetics and also safety.

Glass, whether translucent, clear or differently coloured, contributes to the aesthetic completion of the space. With its translucency, it can multiply perspective. In the coated design, on the other hand, it is opaque, divides the space and gives it colour. Patterned glass can also shape light. It reflects views like a mirror and enlarges the space. Laminated and coloured glass elegantly combines aesthetics and safety, as well as tempered (toughened) and/or printed glass, which gives interiors a distinctive look. When fitted with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), glass can do magic with light. After processing, it can excite and inspire furniture designers.

Safety glass prevents injuries and protects property against vandalism and burglary. It is made of layers of glass that are separated by one or more plastic (PVB) foils; in case of breakage, fragments of glass stick to this foil. Tempered glass is five times more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks than ordinary glass. Fire protection glass composed of glass panes and plastic interlayers that expand in the event of a fire may, depending on its specific composition, prevent the spread of fire for 30 to 120 minutes.

The main products of our portfolio include

There is a wide range of glass and its processing options and it is up to you which one you choose.