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Glass types

In our company you will meet all the following types of glass and mirrors.


  • Clear glass - Float
  • Glass stained in the volume (Parsol, Planibel) - Saint Gobain, AGC - the basic colours of this glass are green, grey, dark grey, bronze, blue, dark blue
  • Clear frosted glass - Matelux
  • Stained frosted glass - Matelux dyed in the volume
  • Extra clear glass – Diamant, Ultra Clear, Extra Clear (Saint Gobain, Guardian, AGC)
  • Frosted extra clear
  • Glass designed especially for shower enclosures (clear, tempered, specially treated) Timeless
  • Figured (decorated) glass – Vision sun, Screen, Katedral Klein, Clearvision, Master Care, Crepi, Chinchilla
  • Specially coated glass – Stratobel (it is mainly used for facades, railings, etc.)
  • Anti-reflective glass – Clearsight, Picto (AGC, Saint Gobain)
  • Lacquered glass – Lacobel T
  • Specially hardenable mirror – Mirastar, Mirropane, Chrome+
  • Fire-resisting glass – according to resistance (EW 30, EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60)
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Insulating glass


  • Mirox 4 Green
  • Mirold Morena
  • Miralite Pure
  • Miralite Revolution

The mirrors are silver or bronze stained. There are also special types that can be produced based on demand for a certain quantity, e.g. gold stained.